Walking Tour - Place

Do you have young children? Do you live in Islington?

If so, we would like you to join a local tour to identify how children and their
families use local parks, public spaces and streets; facilities such as libraries and leisure centres; and spaces for play, youth and community activities.

By listening to your views and seeing the changes you would make we can improve the way these places and spaces are designed in Islington in the future.
You will be compensated for your time and effort.


Tuesday, 20 June 4.15pm-6.30pm


Meet at St Luke’s Community Centre

What to bring?

Your opinions and local knowledge

To join the tour, send an email to fairfutures@islington.gov.uk
or call 0207 527 4495.

The Fair Futures Commission wants to re-imagine an Islington where the needs of children, young people and their families are put at the heart of everything we do.
One of the Commission’s three themes is Place – an exploration of how Islington’s places
and spaces work for residents.

We are inviting you to join and lead a tour of Islington along with other young people and parents. You will have the opportunity to show the Fair Futures Commissioners and senior council officers exactly what works and what doesn’t work in our public places and spaces in Islington.

We need your expert insight.

The tour will visit different places and spaces where you will rate and tell us how they matter to your children or family. You can also bring another parent with you.
The tour may be recorded for later analysis. Parents and carers taking part will be given a voucher at the end of the tour to thank them for their time.

Your participation is entirely voluntary but we do hope that you will join us. The ideas, issues and recommendations that you make on the tour will feed directly into the final report and actions by the Commission so don’t miss this rare opportunity to give your views directly to the people with the power to help you change your area.

Will taking part affect me?

  • Taking part will not affect any services you use.
  • You may choose to leave the tour at any time, and may also request that any data collected from you not be used in the Commission’s report.
  • Your contact details will be kept in a secure place at Islington Council for the duration of the Commission and will not be shared with anyone else.
  • Our report will not identify people who have taken part.