Their Ambitions, Our Future

Join us for a FairFuturesHack on Wednesday, 8 November at Platform Youth Hub where we will come together to challenge and spark ideas for equipping the next generation of children and young people in Islington.

This is the key event we are organising for people and organisations that work with or have an interest in children and young people, including young leaders, commissioners, business leaders and those working in health, education and training, youth work, social care, early help, employment support, school improvement (primary, secondary and special), and economic development.

Young people in Islington have told us that there is a strong focus on their academic success, but feel there is limited support for teaching the social and emotional capabilities which are connected to issues such as employability, youth crime and preparation for adulthood.

Join us to identify innovative ideas for working with both children (primary-aged) and young people to prepare them and their skills for:

  • Preparing for work and the future of work
  • Managing emotional wellbeing and feelings
  • Positive relationships with their peers and adults
  • Independent living including planning for and managing a home and money

We want to future-proof our children and young people as far as possible so that there are minimal surprises and they have the personal and social development they need to achieve their ambitions. The collective impact of services, organisations, young people and the community working together is key.

Their Ambitions, Our Future will take place on Wednesday 8 November from midday in Islington. Please register to attend this event by Wednesday 1 November.