What will help children, young people and families to have the power and networks to shape and support their own lives and the community?

  • As a young person, mum, dad or carer, what is your story of overcoming a change or challenge (see example below) in your life? How did you overcome it? What personal strengths or external factors helped you through and what advice would you give to others?
  • How can young people, mums, dads and carers be better connected to active citizenship and social action opportunities? For example taking part in school/youth/Islington council elections, user forums or advisory groups for services you use, volunteering and activities that help other people or the environment, such as fundraising, campaigning, tutoring/mentoring and giving time to charity.
  • What role can digital and online social media or networks of support play for young people, mums, dads and carers?
  • Children and young people in Islington live in a global and diverse society as well as different types of communities. How can they develop a positive sense of who they are, a shared identity and sense of belonging in Islington while appreciating others of different gender, culture, ethnicity, religion, etc?
  • What motivates or triggers young people’s involvement in crime or anti-social behaviour? How can the response to this be improved?

What’s an example of a challenge or change?

Becoming a mum or dad for the first time, being a young carer or looked after by the council, losing a loved one (bereavement), living with a disability or health condition, living in situations where there is domestic violence or other problems in or for the family.


Tell us what you think.

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When submitting your evidence, please include any links to videos or photos online, for example a YouTube or Vimeo link or a link to a photo album. Do check that the link is set to public. If you’d prefer to send the evidence by email, please email us at fairfutures@islington.gov.uk

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What we will do with what you tell us

We will read, watch or listen to your response. This will help the Commission to understand what you think and what you feel the council and its partners should do differently to build on what is working well. In order to do this, we will share an anonymised version of the information you provide with all of the Commission members. This means the Commissioners won’t know who you are.

We will bring together all the responses we get into a report. The final report will be published on this website in November 2017. The report may include quotations from your responses but will not name or identify individuals.

If we find out during this process about potential harm to a child, we may pass that information on to the relevant statutory body in order to safeguard or promote their welfare.

If you submit images or video evidence we will seek your consent if we wish to publish it further (either in our report or online on this website or our social media channels).

If you are under the age of 13, you should ask your parent/guardian’s permission before completing our submission form or before giving us permission to use your images or video.

If you have any queries about how we handle your information, please email fairfutures@islington.gov.uk