How can we better equip children to ‘thrive by five’ and young people to be ‘life-ready’?

  • Early experiences have profound and enduring effects on children’s health, wellbeing and learning. For very young children, parents and carers have the greatest influence on their lives.
    Building on the integration of early childhood services, how can mums, dads, carers and providers of services work together to ensure that all children thrive by five , laying the foundation for a good middle childhood and teenage years and reducing the need for early intervention?
  • What are the experiences of young people of building skills to prepare them for life? What can support this to be better? What are your ideas for a ‘Curriculum for Life’ which cover:
    • having good personal and social skills
    • happiness and emotional wellbeing
    • friendships and other positive relationships with a) adults and b) other young people
    • assessing and making positive choices
  • being ready for work / prepared for working life
  • being prepared for independent living and parenthood – for example, managing a home and money

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