Islington Borough Tour

The Fair Futures Commission held a tour of Islington on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 which explored how Islington can help children and young people live in a safer and more prosperous community with space to grow, live, play and work…

What will help children and young people to live in a safe and prosperous community with space and room to grow, live, play and work?

  • How do children, young people and families use local places and spaces – our parks, public open spaces, streets, town centres, housing, traffic routes and facilities such as libraries, leisure centres and arts or culture venues? What are your ideas about how these could be designed differently to provide experiences to be healthy, safe, learn, play and connect with each other?
  • How can young people and parents who live in Islington benefit from future job and skills opportunities and businesses moving to or setting up in Islington? How can we improve the connection between aspirations, learning, skills, employment, entrepreneurship and businesses?
  • How can we create a safer Islington within peer groups, school and social or public spaces? How can these encourage good relationships?

Tell us what you think.

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What we will do with what you tell us

We will read, watch or listen to your response. This will help the Commission to understand what you think and what you feel the council and its partners should do differently to build on what is working well. In order to do this, we will share an anonymised version of the information you provide with all of the Commission members. This means the Commissioners won’t know who you are.

We will bring together all the responses we get into a report. The final report will be published on this website in November 2017. The report may include quotations from your responses but will not name or identify individuals.

If we find out during this process about potential harm to a child, we may pass that information on to the relevant statutory body in order to safeguard or promote their welfare.

If you submit images or video evidence we will seek your consent if we wish to publish it further (either in our report or online on this website or our social media channels).

If you are under the age of 13, you should ask your parent/guardian’s permission before completing our submission form or before giving us permission to use your images or video.

If you have any queries about how we handle your information, please email