The Commission has chosen three themes to guide its discussions and research: place, power and possibilities.

Place is about the physical and economic environment. We will be looking at what children and young people need from their local area in order to thrive. Particular issues include safety, housing, outside space and employment.

Power focuses on how children, young people and families can shape their lives. There will be a focus on the role of the wider community and different types of networks.

Possibilities focuses on how we can ensure that children and young people develop the life skills that they need to thrive. This includes preparation for the workplace, independent living and other key transitions in life.

Visit each of the pages above to submit your ideas and to read what other people are saying.

How to respond

You can submit your response within each of the theme pages, or complete the form on the contact us page.

You can draw on your own personal or professional experience – your personal story and what made a difference or created change for you.

Tell us what happens in your area, organisation or community, what is going well, what you think ought to happen or what could work differently.

We want you to be as creative as you want – write a letter, email or an essay, record your views in a video, photo, pictures or whatever you like. You can do this individually or as a group of young people or mums, dads or carers. If you work with these groups, you can build this into a session, activity or event to co-produce a response in a format that suits your service users. Focus on one or as many of the themes above as you like.

If you are an organisation, you can also pass on:

  • your published or unpublished research, needs analyses or report summaries
    appropriate aggregated and anonymised data
  • views from your service users, results of surveys or other participation or consultation exercises
  • information about future consultation and engagement activities you have planned this year

Whichever way you decide to submit your response, please ensure you do so by 11 June 2017. The earlier you send anything to us, the better!

What we will do with what you tell us

We will read, watch or listen to your response. This will help the Commission to understand what you think and what you feel the council and its partners should do differently to build on what is working well.

We will bring together all the responses we get into a report. The final report will be published on this website in November 2017. The report may include quotations from your responses but will not name or identify individuals.

If we find out during this process about potential harm to a child, we may pass that information on to the relevant statutory body in order to safeguard or promote their welfare.

If you have any queries about responding – including confidentiality and anonymity issues – or would like to present information and ideas to the Commissioners, please get in touch with Tania Townsend on 020 7527 3080 or

Download our full prospectus.

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