About us

The Islington Fair Futures Commission launched on 22 February 2017. Over the next ten months this pioneering project will explore what is needed to improve the futures of children, young people and their families and ensure that Islington is a great place to grow up. The Commission is independent and made up of people from a range of backgrounds, all with relevant experience and knowledge.

The Commission will end in February 2018 with a report that summarises its findings and provides some recommendations for change.

Read more about the background and aims of the Commission in our Prospectus.

The Commission

The Fair Futures Commission is an independent body run by its chair, Jermain Jackman, the deputy chair, Kadeema Woodbyrne, and 23 other commissioners.  Support is given by Islington Council.

The commissioners come from a number of backgrounds and, between them, bring a range of life experiences, interests and knowledge to the project. There is a mixture of young people, residents, academics, youth councillors, councillors, and experts.

Jermain and the commissioners want to hear from you about what could make Islington the best place for a child or young person to grow up.

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Our Commissioners